As Autism Awareness Month continue, Deron Williams and his family continue to parter with Autism Speaks to bring to light the disorder that affects his son, D.J., as well as millions of people across the world.

Deron Williams Empire State Building Lighting Ceremony for Autism Speaks

On Thursday, Deron, his wife Amy and their son, D.J., visited the Empire State Building along with Autism Speaks and its co-founders Suzanne and Bob Wright. And as a part of the organization’s Light It Up program, D.J. flipped the lever to illuminate New York’s most famous building blue.

“I’m so very honored to be here for my son D.J. and with my son D.J. and for all the boys and girls, men and women out there like him,” Deron said in a short speech at the event. “Autism is very near and dear to our heart, and I really appreciate the partnership we have with Autism Speaks. Being able to do things like this is amazing.”

Empire State Building Autism Awareness

Autism is the primary cause that for Deron’s Point of Hope Foundation, though that wasn’t always the case. Several years ago, D-Will and Amy adopted Deron Jr., and not long after, he was diagnosed with autism. Since the No. 8 and POH have dedicated much of their time to raising awareness—making April a busy month.

Earlier this week, D-Will and Amy, attended an event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and were honored by the NBA and NBA Cares for their work in raising awareness for the disorder.

Deron Williams Empire State Building Lighting Ceremony for Autism Speaks

“That’s what it’s about: raising awareness for this cause and making it known how prevalent autism is out there,” D-Will said at the lighting ceremony. “On behalf of my son D.J. and all the other autistic families out there, thank you.”